Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Roll out the Oats Continues

A few weeks ago Hosea + Nicki former Top Chef contestants were in the Flatiron plaza doing a cooking demo. Upon our arrival we found that the whole event was taken over by Quaker Oats. Thinking it over, I recalled one of the Quick Fire Challenges of the past season was to make something using Quaker Oats. Magnificent product placement and integration, however I don't know how applicable Oatmeal is to a culinary competition. The Oats demo that day was some oat/granola poached pear dessert. Booths were also set up where Oat event staff was preparing smoothies [with oats in them] for everyone. The catch however was that you had to blend your own by using a stationary bicycle. All of course while the Oat event staff cheered you on screaming 'Go Humans Go!!'

Corny or clever I ask myself?

I'm gonna go with clever and here's why.
1. The idea behind this whole campaign is that the oats give you energy and nutrients
2. Smoothies are a great form of energy
3. Riding a bike relates to the whole exercise, energy component
4. The event staff borderlines corny, but they are verbally re-inforcing the message
5. The user Oat experience hits multiple levels of interaction and engagement which in turn...
6. Creates a positive brand experience, retention and hopefully loyalty

A bold move to align your brand with Top Chef, I'm interested to see who else will follow suit.

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