Monday, March 2, 2009

Idiosynricies of my Italian Family

I've been giving my mom and dad regular updates on my recovery from the removal of 3 wisdom teeth last Thursday. Today, Monday was my first day back to work. I called them this morning upon my arrival to let them know all was well.

A little back story, my mom is the drug/alcohol gestapo. Whenever my brother and I drink too much or in this case take too many pain killers she goes nuts. My dad is usually the more realistic one who balances her paranoia. Something along the lines of, "Barb- [accentuate the Brooklyn/Italian vowels to make it sound more like Bob] wouldga relax, give it a rest."

So this morning I'm sitting at my desk on the phone with them and of course my mom says, "You're not still on the Perkaset [spelling] are you?"

"No...I mean I took one last night why?"

Dad goes, "You can't take that shit at work you'll be stunadd!" [Stunad is Brooklyn/Italian slang for stupid, pronounced 'stew-nod']

For once the calm voice of reason breaks through! Hysterical!! This may only be funny if you really know them.

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