Monday, March 30, 2009

Battle of the Bacon!

As I follow a lot of the food bloggers I've been noticing this really strong niche market of people obsessed with bacon. Bacon t-shirts to bacon alarm clocks that actually cook your bacon.

I was lucky enough to make it into the Bacon Takedown in Williamsburg this weekend. Held in the German Medieval times like beer garden of Radegast Beer Hall: the mood was set for battle. And battle we were ready for after standing in line for an hour but patience always a virtue, we made it! I heard the contestants were to prepare food for 300 so my anxiety dropped a bit.

There were 30 different bacon concoctions. Highlights included, bacon bourbon ice cream, deep fried bacon in panko breadcrumbs with pickles, homemade apple pie infused bacon, bacon cupcakes, bacon blitz [play off of a potato skin]. Hopefully they'll post winners and recipes!

Julia and I ask, "Where's the Bacon?!!"

Just when I thought the battle was over there was a little Medieval times reenactment in my stomach last night with tiny little lancers grasping onto my arteries.

But it was worth it!

Really fantastic event and hopefully they'll be more to come from

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Diane J Standiford said...

My over weight, Diabetic II, mom, always ate bacon---I swore I never would; now my MS has put me in an assisted living facility and they serve bacon weekly. At first I turned away; now, I am eating the crap, er, I mean stuff...wonder when my clogging will begin...course my aunt ate it too and she is 102, mom is 81...oh hell, bring it on.