Monday, March 30, 2009

Battle of the Bacon!

As I follow a lot of the food bloggers I've been noticing this really strong niche market of people obsessed with bacon. Bacon t-shirts to bacon alarm clocks that actually cook your bacon.

I was lucky enough to make it into the Bacon Takedown in Williamsburg this weekend. Held in the German Medieval times like beer garden of Radegast Beer Hall: the mood was set for battle. And battle we were ready for after standing in line for an hour but patience always a virtue, we made it! I heard the contestants were to prepare food for 300 so my anxiety dropped a bit.

There were 30 different bacon concoctions. Highlights included, bacon bourbon ice cream, deep fried bacon in panko breadcrumbs with pickles, homemade apple pie infused bacon, bacon cupcakes, bacon blitz [play off of a potato skin]. Hopefully they'll post winners and recipes!

Julia and I ask, "Where's the Bacon?!!"

Just when I thought the battle was over there was a little Medieval times reenactment in my stomach last night with tiny little lancers grasping onto my arteries.

But it was worth it!

Really fantastic event and hopefully they'll be more to come from

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mets Meets Meyers and other Upgrades

Wow so much chatter about the new Citifield and the dawn of the Mets opening season! I'm trying to formulate an opinion on how I feel about the ticket hikes and the new food court.

Okay ticket hikes suck. Most importantly you loose the true fans to business executives taking their out-of-town clients out for a night. Tickets are ranging from $11-$280 depending on location and who it's against. Big games between our rival Phillies will cost between $60-$84.

Now here's the flip side. WE GET DANNY MEYERS! The great Danny Myers of Tabla, Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Café, Eleven Madison Park and his latest venture, Blue Smoke and of course the Shake Shack!

As a self-proclaimed foodie I can't help but support the hike in tickets knowing that a portion of that is going to upkeep of the following:

Blue Smoke: the pioneer of urban ’cue, Blue Smoke will offer mouthwatering real pit barbecue (Highlights: Pulled Pork Sandwich and Kansas City Ribs)

Shake Shack: the enormously popular hamburger and hot dog stand that made a splash with its original location in Madison Square Park will griddle up game day favorites (Highlights: ShackBurger and Shack-Cago Dog)

Taquería (name TBD): this new concept will feature authentic tacos

Pop Fries: this frites stand will serve freshly-cut, Belgian-style fries with a variety of dipping sauces

Does this make me less of a Mets fan? Of course I'm in it for the great American sport but when you couple that with some find food establishments I'm forced to re-examine my priorities. And I feel like I've paid WAYYYyyy more money to go to concerts at MSG which is on it's way to de-sheveled-ville.

Another argument to be made is, "What happened to the peanuts, cracker jacks and hot dogs?" Last year I found myself taking a hot dog over the sausage a pepper sandwiches. Baseball and hot dogs are like peanut butter and jelly.

Time will tell how fans embrace these new upgrades, but for now I'm going to ride the Danny Meyers hype a little longer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roll out the Oats

Quaker Oats a real American brand is unveiling a new umbrella campaign that will unite all of their products. 'Go Humans Go' is the new tagline intended to evoke the oats as a "super grain" that helps power people's minds and bodies. They will be launching TV, OOH, and of course social media next week.

Maybe I should see the creative before I pass judgment but 'Go Humans Go' sits a little strange with me. Kind of positioning the oats as a kind of alien life-force in support of their effect on human activity.

Could the copywriters have taken out the good'ole Thesaurus and considered 'people,' or 'America'

They've done some good work this year, their Top Chef challenge [although some may argue a little out of context for a cooking competition] and I actually really like their Oatmeal commercial with the kids getting ready for school. My favorite is the kid that mixes them all together.

A real 'wholesome' brand I would hope that this new campaign sends a clear brand message and tonality. Rather than a message from outer space.

I did a Google search and it seems some bloggers are already confused

Monday, March 2, 2009

Idiosynricies of my Italian Family

I've been giving my mom and dad regular updates on my recovery from the removal of 3 wisdom teeth last Thursday. Today, Monday was my first day back to work. I called them this morning upon my arrival to let them know all was well.

A little back story, my mom is the drug/alcohol gestapo. Whenever my brother and I drink too much or in this case take too many pain killers she goes nuts. My dad is usually the more realistic one who balances her paranoia. Something along the lines of, "Barb- [accentuate the Brooklyn/Italian vowels to make it sound more like Bob] wouldga relax, give it a rest."

So this morning I'm sitting at my desk on the phone with them and of course my mom says, "You're not still on the Perkaset [spelling] are you?"

"No...I mean I took one last night why?"

Dad goes, "You can't take that shit at work you'll be stunadd!" [Stunad is Brooklyn/Italian slang for stupid, pronounced 'stew-nod']

For once the calm voice of reason breaks through! Hysterical!! This may only be funny if you really know them.