Monday, February 23, 2009

The Slumdog Awards

As usual there is one picture that takes it all. But I found it interesting that none of the actors from that film were nominated in any actor/actress category. I haven't seen it yet but to Colleen's point it was an ensemble cast and no one really out shined each other.

Very happy for Kate Winslet, what a Hollywood gem and The Reader was a great picture.

From the moment Sean Penn walked onto the scene I knew he would deliver a performance of a lifetime next to Mystic River. Milk was a powerful film that really put things into perspective from the other side of the line. James Franco was excellent as well! America is so rich with history and so glad people can dig up these stories and adapt them into a screenplay. [Which it won as well!] I did feel it deserved something for the editing but can't win em all!

Yay Penelope!! Such a great film. Me and Woody Allen are on a case by case basis and this film was fantastic! So glad she recognized his ability to really create wonderful/strong female characters.

Heath Ledger no surprise there. Nor was the emotional speech from his family. Its a real shame to have lost a man of such potential. Someone needs to give Brad Pitt a run for him money!

Speaking of Brad, had no interested in Benjamin Button but maybe I'll put it on the Netflix Cue along with Changling. A real powerhouse couple for sure. Way for the camera crew to cut to Angelina when Jennifer was presenting with Jack Black.

Hugh Jackman was an impeccable host! Can't believe he hasn't done it before what a natural and love they dribbled in Broadway! Wow who knew Anne Hathaway had pipes!

I also really liked the the showcase of actors that introduced the actors of each nominated category. Made it very personal and profound to see entertainment legends compliment each other on their performance.

I'll spend the next few months catching up, now the box office can release all those low grade films they've been holding onto.


Colleen said...

I really want to see "Milk" but haven't gotten a chance yet since it was limited for a while (at least on LI I think it was). Sooooo happy for Kate Winslet, she deserves a win for years of hard work and all-around decency! And I may have a crush on Penelope Cruz now.

Go see "Slumdog"! Don't bring Jules though unless you have a box of tissues with you ;)

City Citings...and other random thoughts said...

Seriously Penelope Cruz was HOT in that movie. I love it when they go back and forth and he tells her to speak English.