Monday, February 2, 2009

All I really wanted was Buffolo Wings

It's not secret that that I am clearly the farthest thing from a football fan. But I do recognize the Super Bowl as a cornerstone in American culture. In no other country does one single event celebrate sports, camaraderie, lend itself to an entire cuisine and capitalize on an opportunity for brands to spend millions of dollars in advertising!! I really thought due to the economic landscape the advertising wouldn't be so good this year, but the star players came through, while others...well missed the field goal [okay my last attempt to put football jargon into this post].

While I did catch some of the spots live I was able to get a real recap online at AdAge . Here's my thoughts [for the most part you can follow along with the AdAge link. Some I skipped over b/c of lack of interest]:

Budweiser Clydesdales
They did a few of these, my favs were definitely the Circus spot and fetch. I love at the end of the Circus spot the little Indian man says, 'I didn't know Daisy was dating"

Bud Light definitely missed the mark all the way around.

Car category was just 'ok' this year. The Audi: Chase was kinda fun retro style, and chase scenes for car commercials is kinda unique. For being a major sponsor of the SuperBowl I thought their two [or was it 3?] ads were very unrelated. If it wasn't for the fact that they kept mentioning Bridgestone as a sponsor I would have never paid attention to their spots. The Potato Heads were pretty funny though. We'll see if it sells tires. definitely taking a different direction this year from the brownies/horse laxative and shrunken head spots. From doing some work in the used car category I think they definitely got their message across that you can have all the confidence in the world but when you step on that used car lot it's scary, unfamiliar and who knows what they'll try and sell you. So well done from a messaging standpoint, creatively...not bad.

CareerBuilder was a definite favorite this year. Just about all my creative directors here loved it! Very unique production value. The repetitive nature in this situation really worked, and was very funny. The punching small animals is the real kicker! These career sites are clutch in this economy right now, hopefully they can deliver.

Cash4Gold might be my favorite!! I've seen those dumb infomercials and I can really respect a brand when it can make fun of itself. Ed McMmahon is AaaMAzing!! My gold hip replacement and the gold toilet are hysterical. A simple message but not sure if it will push people to use the service. But hey! In these times people are desperate for any kinda money they can get.

Castrol with those monkeys put a knife in my Mobil 1 heart but whatev! It really says something about your brand when you have to call out your competitor as the weaker product. Mobil 1 is better product and the reason why they have so much money is that they don't waste it on SuperBowl ads.

Welcome back Cheetos...however I wouldn't say break out the balloons and champaign, not much to say here.

Coca-Cola did some nice work. Expected I'd say. The animated one with ladybugs was cute. And the parody of the Mean Joe Green spot was clever. However, if you know the history of the Mean Joe Green spot, they ended up pulling it right after the SuperBowl b/c it wasn't selling Coke. People loved it, but sales didn't pick up.

Denny's was a riot! Maybe its b/c i'm a little guidette and Mafia stuff makes me laugh. I won't say Super Bowl worthy but way to get your brand in the mix.

Some people liked the Doritos work. Piggybacking on last year's consumer competition I think it's nice from them to their brand advocates involved. I wonder if they save in production costs and creative payroll? I guess the 'Power of Crunch' was my favorite out of the two. Both very much hit the male demographic target.

Baby from E*Trade was back. I think people were happy to see him back, a definite favorite from last year [That Bobo line was priceless].

I liked the GE spot just b/c I love the Wizard of Oz. Very risky though to equate the scarecrow w/o a brain to your brand. I get they are claiming the opposite but could be the cause of competitor ridicule. Smarter energy is a HUGE topic right now, so good messaging to come out with.

GoDaddy was just dumb

Heineken was a little much with the Warrior analogy...didn't like it.

H&R with the grim reaper was a little much. Not really an original concept with a imaginary figure coming into a situation like this. The button at the end was funny though, 'Can you validate my parking'

The much talked about Miller 'One-Second Ads' was original. Definitely memorable. Beer category is a stuff place to play. In no other category do I feel that people are more brand loyal.

Monster's 'Double Take' with the moose butt was pretty funny. Tough completion with Career Builder though. Both were definitely memorable but I think CB won this round.

The Pedigree spot was a little weird. I totally support adoption and glad they made a presence. this year. The old lady clapping her hands after the ostrich was great!

Pepsi had a lot of coverage this year. The Will.i.Am was my favorite, well done. 'I'm good' was just dumb. I think they were trying to be the ones who conquer the 'Super Bowl Phrase of the Year.' The 'WassUp' ones and the Budweiser Frogs will always be remembered for this. Pepsi not so much.

The Sobe 3-D stuff eh whatever. I guess the dancing football players were funny. But I'm guessing like me, most of you didn't have on your 3-D glasses to make it cool.

Teleflora was one of the first spots we saw...very weird and pushed the envelope I'd say.

I really liked the NBC promos especially the Laugh Your Ass Off one. But sadly it seems that their ratings haven't picked up so far.

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