Friday, January 16, 2009

The New Facebook!

I went to a networking event last night sponsored by Mashable + Peroni Beer! [I was a tad bit more excited for the Peroni]. The small venue quickly filled up like a McFaddens happy hour. I was able to talk to a few people but didn't really gain much. Most were desperately looking for work or trying to promote their lastest and greatest idea. My favorite was this one guy Eric. The conversation went as follows:

Me: 'So what do you do'

Eric: 'Well I have this great new idea for a social networking site for college kids.'

Me: 'Oh like Facebook!' [kinda mockingly]

Eric: 'Well it's going to be better than Facebook b/c it's going to be connections to people you've actually met'

Me: .....

Me: 'So what would you say your objective for the site is?'

Eric: ''s going to be very visual, and....and you are going to connect to people better b/c you've actually met them, it's going to be very visual and it's going to be better than Facebook'

Me: 'I see, what's it called?'

Eric: 'Crowd Freeze' and he proceeds to pull up his sweater to display a t-shirt with the logo.

Me: 'Well good luck I'll look out for it'


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