Friday, January 23, 2009

News Anchor beat up by Puppy

How endearing. Lester from the Today Show [who I've seen eating brunch at Rocking Horse in Chelsea!] gets beat up by a little puppy but maintains a positive demeanor about pet adoption regardless. Well done!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The New Facebook!

I went to a networking event last night sponsored by Mashable + Peroni Beer! [I was a tad bit more excited for the Peroni]. The small venue quickly filled up like a McFaddens happy hour. I was able to talk to a few people but didn't really gain much. Most were desperately looking for work or trying to promote their lastest and greatest idea. My favorite was this one guy Eric. The conversation went as follows:

Me: 'So what do you do'

Eric: 'Well I have this great new idea for a social networking site for college kids.'

Me: 'Oh like Facebook!' [kinda mockingly]

Eric: 'Well it's going to be better than Facebook b/c it's going to be connections to people you've actually met'

Me: .....

Me: 'So what would you say your objective for the site is?'

Eric: ''s going to be very visual, and....and you are going to connect to people better b/c you've actually met them, it's going to be very visual and it's going to be better than Facebook'

Me: 'I see, what's it called?'

Eric: 'Crowd Freeze' and he proceeds to pull up his sweater to display a t-shirt with the logo.

Me: 'Well good luck I'll look out for it'


Thursday, January 15, 2009

1,000 Hits!!

I've made it to 1,000 hits [since the addition of the site counter a few months ago]! Thanks to all my readers hope I add insight, useless information or at least a light chuckle to your day. Feel free to make comments and start conversation as in the true nature of a blog.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fresh Direct in Vending machines!

Holy Cow Fresh Direct what a genius idea! First of all I LOVE Fresh Direct. I'd wear it on a T-shirt! And for them to come up with this idea of putting their 4 minute meals in offices is remarkable! I've had experience with food in vending machines before, but this has got to be better than the lasagna that came out of the vending machine across from my marble studio in Italy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dunkin takes the lead!

Just saw the new commercials Dunkin' Donuts are 'out to launch' on

They are going with a new slogan 'You Kin' Do It' and I really like it! The ads stay true to this notion of we are the coffee of the American people. We keep the hard working, goal setting people of America running. I really like the runaway bike, that woman cracks me up. Also, really nice product shot on the last one. Also I read somewhere that its always important for brands to appear busy. Meaning don't go away for too long because people may forget about you. Well DD is definitely busy and probably running some really interesting production costs with all these new commercials. But best of all no more big bad bully to poor Starbucks. Hopefully they've made their point in the taste test spots.

See the ads here, here, here, here and here.

New Calendar!

Finally ordered a new wall calendar for my desk yesterday. I usually go with the wall one and then a little box tear one on my desk. I was sad to find that I couldn't find a new Muppets box calendar to replace my 2008 one. That thing really made my day. I went with a vintage food advertising one for my wall. I ordered from which I must have ordered from them last year too b/c all year long they have been sending me annoying emails. Dude don't you get it, you order 1 calendar for the entire year! No need to email me about special deals in April! Must be tough though to be a Calendar company...busy in December and January and then no sales for the rest of the year!