Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've heard it said, probably since my young adolescent years that 'they always come back.' And yes they usually do but normally in form of 'I need a hook-up what are you doing?' Lately I've been experiencing guys who just fall off the radar. It's like they get lost with all your socks in the dryer. They fall into this black abyss and you never hear from them again. For awhile I was like what is it?? Do I have bad breath, then I thought no my friends or mother would surely tell me. Well last night I got to the root of some of this problem after speaking to one of the old socks who came back. Ladies are you ready for this golden piece of understanding the male mind?! Here goes...they are afraid of commitment and getting too comfortable with someone. Groundbreaking I know. Apparently I make guys feel comfortable they get freaked out and then then bail because they think I want a commitment. Fantastic! At least I don't have bad breath.

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