Thursday, November 13, 2008

When Pigs Fly

As many of you know Frogs are my favorite animal right now but before that, it was Pigs. I fell in love with the adorable pig from the Flat Earth Chips commercial . I found a bag of the Tangy Tomato Ranch in a Subway sandwich shop recently and LOVED them. My new favorite chip. Sadly I haven't been able to find them anywhere else! And once the stock ran out of that Subway they never refilled. I went on the website today and played the Snack Match game for like 20mins and found they have really good other interesting flavors as well like Peach Mango?! I also learned that the phrase, "When Pigs Fly" is different across the globe. Like in Venezuela they say, "When frogs dance the flamenco."

If you see these in the store I approve and wish they had a better distribution!

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