Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scaffolding in NYC

I've come to find scaffolding in this city a very interesting concept. Its almost emotional I feel. Key locations in my time here have all been effected by it.

-wintertime at my first job-World Wide Plaza Building
-2nd month or so of my apt. building [lasted a little over a year]
-the final stretch on my way to second job - Maiden Lane
-the street where I take the subway to work every morning

It's like when one is de-constructed another is erected. When they go up its very confining and sad almost. But when they are taken down it's like the skies open up and white doves fly out to choirs of angels! Helllooo city!

On the corner today I watched some guys taking one down in front of the Au Bon Pain. I looked on in fascination at the triumph these men where about to accomplish. The light and freedom they would give to those who stand on that corner everyday.

After awhile the guy standing next to me thought I was checking him out. Sorry dude but I got my eye on that knight-and-shining scaffolding man over there.

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