Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I hope I did it right?!

I walked into IS 70 this morning greeted by that familiar nostalgic smell of elementary school cafeteria. I remember being in grade school on election days [Conover Road was a polling spot]. Our class would walk in our straight line down the hall and pass the main entrance where all the adults were voting. I had this burning curiosity about what was behind that little curtain and how it was such a secret!

Well today I found out. I think New York is the only state that still uses the old fashioned lever. Surprisingly the old-fashioned technology made me a little apprehensive about if I was doing it right?! I kinda liked the old-school nature of it though. The tangibleness and the sound of actually voting.

All the papers are saying this will change the history books. Another thought that brought me back to those grade school Social Studies text books. This day will mark the most historic vote I think in this country's history. With pride will I remember this day, and say that I was there and I voted for Barack Obama.

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