Thursday, October 16, 2008

Underwear Workers Strike

I saw this picture in the AM Daily this morning, not much to report on it other than these workers are being paid unfairly. I think it's really funny that they are throwing bras and underwear up in the air! So many scenarios. What did they say to each other when they were grabbing stuff to throw:

"Ok ladies we need a combination of cotton, lace, nylon, casual, grannie panties, and thongs!"

What would a little kid say if they walked by:

"Mom why are those ladies throwing their underwear in the air?"

"I don't know sweetie they are mad"

Then the kid goes home and starts throwing underwear every time they get mad.

Is this like a form of porno for Philippine men?

Or maybe its a poor country and you see little kids running around trying to grab all the stuff on the floor.

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