Thursday, October 9, 2008

My new Laundry Basket

Yes the time has come where the laundry basket I have used since the beginning of my freshman year of college [7 years ago?? eek] has finally retired. I came to this realization after I got a quick glimps at how dirty the bottom of the basket actually was. And the icing on the cake was when the handles broke after shleping it down 9th ave. to the laundromat.

A funny thing laundry baskets. Your dirty clothes sit in the same place you then put the clean clothes...lets not think to much about that point.

So off I went to Bed Bath and Beyond the mecca of all things home. That store is like a home addicts nightmare. Yes 'home addict.' Some are drug addicts, others are home addicts. Addicted to all things home. The layout of the store is meant to feed the addiction. It's like you suddenly forget about your initial intent and wander into the linen section, then really bad art section that have wooden signs that say, "Cucina" or "Vino." Suddenly you think you need a carrot pealer or maybe even a little thing that hooks your socks together so they don't get lost in the wash!!

The sobering moment comes when you realize you have to carry all this crap home.

I took a deep breath got my laundry basket after considering 3 others, I also got a canvas bag to bring to the laundromat, and one of those little 'intimates' bags for the wash.

It was a little sad leaving my multi-colored striped friend in the garbage room of my apt. an old friend finally out to pasture. We had some great washes together. He had a good run, but time to move on.

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