Monday, October 27, 2008

I finally saw the Sex and the City Movie!!

True to my usual form I managed to bypass all the hype and caught up to it months later. I absolutely loved it and came out an emotional basket case overflowing with thoughts of happily ever after, true friendship and being fabulous in NYC. It's probably so cliché to want to compare yourself to Carrie Bradshaw but I think I'm entitled to it. In fact mingling at an event two weeks ago some guy even said I reminded him of Carrie. She is the female matriarch of this city offering style, wisdom and hope for the single women who do battle day after day in this city.

The best and maybe ironic part was as I was walking through the ghetto of Chelsea Saturday morning in my usual scrub clothes [I've found I have no one to impress walking the streets of my happy little gayville] I make eyes with Mario Cantone the gay wedding planner from the movie! As he strutted to his black Lincoln towncar he looked at me I looked at him, he looked back as if to say, "C'mon you know who I am!" I wish I called out in my srubbiness, "OMG I just saw the movie last night you were awesome!"

Sometimes the universe has a strange way sending my destiny.

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