Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harry for President!

For all those who don't follow enough Harry Potter to understand this image here goes:

Obama = Harry
DUH Harry is the best wizard ever! Ok yes he's young and only has about 7 years of school under his belt but he has learned by experience. He wasn't gonna just sit around and let that Umbrige bitch make the rules, he got up and created Dumbledor's Army! He is a symbol of love, friendship, peace and bravery, a real leader.

Biden = Dumbledor
The experienced one. Older, wiser a symbol of peace and fairness to all.

Palen = Professor Lockhart
A phony!! For those who remember the story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, he fronted as a Defense Against Dark Arts professor only to reveal himself as a pawn for Lord Voldermort!! A celebrity of sorts claiming feats of bravery when none are actually true. His attempt to use the Obliviate Charm on Harry and Ron backfires due to his use of Ron's broken wand, and he suffers the loss of his own memory as a result. Well maybe Palen didn't have one to begin with?

McCain = Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail
What a perfect match! The biggest traitor in the story of Harry Potter. Was once a loyal friend of Harry's Father and Sirus Black but then joined the dark side spending most of his life as Ron's pet rat. In the end he turned on his friends to serve evil.


Julia G. said...

Love the post. I would almost link McCain to Umbridge, as a prediction of what would happen if he was elected President - Dumbledore, the unsuspecting headmaster (i.e. the American populace) voted her into office, and then she turned into a traitor that was clearly unable to handle the job. ha I can't believe I'm getting political on your blog.

City Citings...and other random thoughts said...

I would agree with Umbridge and McCain. A sense of the old way of doing things. If only the Centaurs held her captive a little longer then maybe she could claim POW!...ok that was really mean

Christian said...

i didn't read the potter series but now suddenly i feel like i need to in order to be an informed voter before november 4th.

(how many books is that?)


amanda g said...

ok NERD ALERT!! prof lockhart never had any relation to Voldermort. lockhart was just an idiot that had somehow managed to fool everyone into thinking he was some sort of expert and relied on his charm to keep people from discovering he is a big faker (in a way, much like gov. palin) the only reason he was in the chamber of secrets with ron and harry was because he wanted to make it look like he saved the day and rescued ginny (not our real heroes) He wasn't an evil dude in kahoots with Voldermort, he was just a crook who was portraying himself as a hero by stealing other people's heroic tales. he was just out of his league, not unlike gov. palin....