Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's official the war is on!

I remember one of the only things I learned from my dinosaur of an advertising professor that you can only go head to head against another brand if you are #1 and #2 in the market. I remember citing the old Six Flags vs. Great Adventure ads. I really haven't seen such ruthless call outs in awhile, so exciting!!

Dunkin' Donuts' new ad campaign, touts its coffee having beaten Starbucks decisively in an independently conducted double-blind taste test. I'm curious about how they can legally claim the results but who cares!!

I also love the commercial, it's kinda like the working class coffee of the American People...[insert political comparison of Obama is like DD and McCain is like Starbucks, a burnt old flavor that no one likes, pays too much for and is on it's way out pretty soon].

Check out their new website


Amanda said...

It is no secret that I love all coffee, but I guess i'm going against this "majority" but I honestly like Starbucks coffee better! I find DD to be a little weaker flavor and more watered down compared to Starbucks bolder flavor. So in a way I'm a bit offended by the Obama/McCain/DD/Starbucks comparison- am I somehow now a McCain supporter for preferring a bolder coffee that "no one else likes?" Don't get me wrong i do enjoy both places quit a bit, and defiantly love the DD drive-thru buuuuut I don't think i'm completely convinced that DD makes a better cup of joe.

City Citings...and other random thoughts said...

Thanks for your response Amanda. I won't hold you as a McCain supporter unless you want to be :) Honestly my favorite coffee is from my little coffee cart man and some of the small name brands are great too. It's all a matter of preference. Starbucks will always be known for their brand experience and I credit them for that. I think maybe I just have some heart for DD as the used to be underdog when Starbucks came and tried to knock them out completely! Now they're working their way back up. It's fun to watch.