Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Shot Alright!

Okay so we all know that to be a Billy Joel fan these days doesn't warrant a tough break. A recovering alcoholic who drives cars into trees and marries women less than half his age. But I think the tainted Billy Joel image has wandered it's way into the cover band scene!

Saturday night my friends and I went to see the Billy Joel cover band 'Big Shot' at the NYC Canal Room. Things were going well, they highly resembled the famous piano man's chords and vocals. I knew every word and the band members were definitely staring. I looked around at the bridge and tunnel crowd and there were a select few who could battle it off with me.

So Mr. Big Shot decides to take some requests from the audience, fault number 1.

'We're not playing Uptown Girl so let's just get that out of the way'

EXCUSE ME?! Okay Christy Brinkly is not in the audience you are NOT Billy Joel and have no personal attachment to the song what's you're problem Mister?!

He also shunned off 'We didn't start the Fire' [probably b/c your pea sized brain can't remember all the words] and 'Angry Young Man' [probably b/c you're not talented enough to handle it!]

Falut number 2.
Mr. Big Shot decides to check his cell phone in the middle of Italian Restaurant! His cell phone was conveniently sitting on the key board and wanted to make sure none of his hookers called.

And Falut number 3.
'We're gonna take a short break' turns into a half hour!! A half hour waiting for a cover band!! Billy Joel plays for 3 f'in hours straight assholes!! Broadway shows don't even make you wait that long! And the musical interlude consisted of 'Hey Mickey, Will Smith's Welcome to Miami, and several other, 'Are they seriously playing this right now."

We walked out before the 'second act?" started.


Colleen said...

Woah, way to not do Billy any justice at all! Did he at least play "And So It Goes"?!

City Citings...and other random thoughts said...

Nope...well we walked out half way through but I doubt they did. Which one is you're parents wedding song?