Friday, August 1, 2008

Guys on the Corner with the Menus

I have many questions surrounding this means of employment:
1. Is there like a temp agency that places these guys

2. If so, are certain places in demand? Like people always take the Joe's Pizza menus but no one wants to get stuck handing out menus for Mulu Ken's Ethiopian Delights.

3. Can they leave their shift when they get rid of all the menus?

4. If so help a guy out and take the thing, they always seem so greatful to give them away.

5. Maybe! If they get rid of all the menus really fast they get promoted to doing something else! Like writing specials on the chalkboards, or folding napkins!

Here's to you 'Mr. Guy on the Corner with the Ethiopian Menu Man!'
[in the tone of Budweiser's real men of genius]

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