Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Break though in the Cat Calls

So as many of you fine ladies know, NYC is one of the major hubs for inappropriate cat calls made by ugly foreign men. Some may recall my favorite cat call from an old blog post 'I'm a latte' [March 2007].

I often wonder why can't the cute good-looking men take a hint from their tragic low breeds?

Well ladies there has been a break though!

Julia and I were walking down in the financial district the other day and a decent white boy in a button down shirt and kakki pants walked by us, "Hello Ladies" with a slight undertone of obnoxiousness but yet a break through!!

If this was the movies and I could do and say whatever I wanted and script the entire scene I would have turned around, grabbed his shoulders and said, "THANK YOU!"

At which point he would probably either A) be really freaked out and run away B) get really cockey and continue on the obnoxious tone he started with or C) surpass all odds and engage in casual conversation

There is hope!

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