Friday, March 7, 2008

Eney Meeney Miney Mo

So the other day I was faced with a very big I want iced coffee or hot coffee. The weather has been getting warm lending itself to a more iced coffee craving...but there still was a slight chill in the air making me possibly want a nice hot cup to wrap my hands around. So I did what any mature adult would do in such a decision making process and sung the Eney Meeney Miney Mo song. It brought me back to my childhood days and recalled how whatever the outcome of the song was (the "you are it") I always ended up wanting the other option. In which case I would sing the additional verse..."red white and blue I pick you." A true measure of what you really really want. Or was it not being strong enough to loose out on something else? It takes a lot to invest such decision making on a silly little song. But I am still trying to find the deeper reason for why you always want the option that you don't pick. Did you subconsciously already make up your mind before singing the song? Or do you always want what you can't have? Or is it one of the mysteries of life we'll never solve?

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