Friday, July 20, 2007

Nose Dripping Heroine

The scene is twenty-something year old girl sits on the 23rd St. crosstown bus battling a serve cold involving nose blowing that sounds like a fog horn and a deep phlemy cough.

Cue: The most gorgeous guy New York City has ever seen walks onto the 23rd St. crosstown bus at 3rd Ave. and sits directly across from our sickly heroine.

Girl tries with all that's left in her to refrain from releasing the fog horn. Finally gorgeous guy gets off the bus at 7th Ave., 4 avenues later which seems like an eternity for our nose dripping dame.

Once gorgeous guy's foot has been released from the final step on the bus girl clutches her bag for her last remaining tissue.

Ease and comfort has finally been bestowed upon our heroine, and she continues to ride the bus to 9th ave.

End scene.

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