Monday, June 25, 2007

Harry Potter in the Betsy Johnson

I'm walking down 23rd street on the way to the NRW to get to Brooklyn for my cousin's graduation party. I have on my just-above-the-knee white Italian skirt, with the brown knit off the shoulder sweater and a tight laced v-neck sleeveless lace top with the high-heeled Carlos Santanna shoes. Dressed to kill of course I'm getting cooed at, looks from the street workers, and cat called as sleazy old men pass me on the opposite side. I laugh at myself because I wonder what they would think if they knew I had book 5 of Harry Potter tucked away in my leopard print Betsy Johnson bag for some subway reading. 17 more days!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ex-boyfriend Milestone

Nothing like Facebook to send you a message (and an obnoxious picture) loud and proud that your ex-boyfriend, your first love, is announcing his new relationship. A milestone all females are slapped in the face with. How does one deal? Take the mature route. Stalk her pictures and convince yourself that you are sooo much prettier and have so much more going for you in life. Remove his name from your AOL buddy list and facebook and then go out and get drunk, puke him out of your system and then move on. :)