Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cast your Vote!

Ok, so finding a home for Paris is not as easy as I thought. I have 4 potential people who would be great pet owners. Help me choose!

  • Lives in PA with a decent size yard in a residential neighborhood
  • Between her, her husband and her 14 year old daughter someone is always home
  • They have a cat who thinks he's a dog (From my knowledge Paris has never seen a cat)
  • They have a lot of friends who have dogs so he's have a lot of playmates
  • They are big in to softball and want to be their team mascot
  • She had a Boston terrier for 15 years and the vet said they took excellent care of it, and did all they could for him


  • Lives in a nice residential town in CT with a nice yard
  • Looking for a playmate for her English bulldog
  • She works night shifts so is home during the day
  • Lives alone
  • Her and her ex-fiance had two dogs together a bull mastiff and the English bull dog but he kept the bull mastiff


  • Goes to Cornell veterinary school
  • Lives in Ithica during the school year with I think 5 guy roommates (all vet students), one has a golden retriever and the other has 2 cats
  • In the summer he lives with his family in NJ who has a retriever puppy


  • Lives on the upper east side in a studio apt.
  • Has never had a dog but is anxiously looking for one.

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