Friday, April 27, 2007

A Young Girl's Coming of Age Story-"Can I get your number?"

So the days of the number exchange have changed. I think I can remember when we still scrounged around for a piece of paper, or scribbled it on our homework assignment pad. Before the days of cell phones. Today you just whip that thing out and boom you're in. (HAHA I remember this one time when I was promoting for Budweiser this guy made me put his number in my phone, I titled it "Don't answer"). So at the pure age of 19 when a 32-year-old man hands you his business card what do you do?! What does that mean?! Is it like your ticket into the land of grown-ups, of mature men (well maybe who think they're mature). Or, are you grossed out that he's 32, he knows your 19, you're at a college bar and intoxicated. I thought business cards were reserved for like meeting in the elevator, or on the street or subway, a sober exchange of the contact information. Not sure my thoughts on the situation. From an "old wise" age of 23 looking back on it, he's probably just trying to impress and get some ass. I also don't really like the idea of him waving his responsibility of making the first call, by giving you his number. If I was 19 I might have thought it was cool/flattering but probably would have left the card on the bar and filed the story away. Either way, a coming of age story when a man hands you his business card.

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