Thursday, March 22, 2007

Personal NY Moment

Last night I went to see my friend James Maddock's band play. He's this really endearing 40 somthing, british guy with this cute smile...ANYWY (you all know i have a thing for older guys but that would just be a little much, mom and dad would love that one, they thought Colorado was bad hahah) I was there with Colleen but she had business to take care of then went back to Long Island. So I sat there with my half drunken Amstel Light $3 special with the seedy cocktail waitress bothering me for another every now and then. I put my feet up and back against the exposed brink and just took in the music. He's fabulous, he has great lyrics and a great sound. Kinda reminds me of a Phil Collins wraspy throaty sound. It was great, i didn't care that i was alone or had no one to enjoy it with, I just did something for myself. When it was over I got myself into a cab and went home. It was a very NY moment as I walked the street of downtown, exploring this new area with an overflowing sense of satisfaction. My favorite lyrics were, "don't go on without me, lets go on together, don't get lost without me, lets get lost together."

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