Friday, March 23, 2007

Men are like shoes

If Carrie Bradshaw has not already made this comparison, I am. First of all I don't understand how woman can have a shoe fetish, I HATE shoe shopping. And I compare it to dating...You're all excited at first, you look out and see a bunch of worthy prospects. Some are really cute, some sophisticated, dark ones light ones and so on. Then you move to the next step. You go up to the shoe and start to get to know it. You look for your size only to find a.) they don't have it or b.) once you try it on its hideous, an awful fit. You start to get agitated, move on, try another one, same thing happens, finally you settle just because you need new shoes. Then you'll either wear the shit outta them and throw 'em out the next season, or leave them in your closet with the rest of the impulse buys. Oh the joy of being a woman.

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